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img_7436-1 by David Ferguson.


We stopped at a friend’s farm near Dorrigo for a night. I’ll have some shots of the kids in another post, but for now I’ve got some shots of the farm and the cattle.

Looking down towards the river.   

Down by the Nymboida River which runs along the property boundary. 

Looking past one of the old dog kennels towards the hill where you could hear the cows mooing. 

When we woke there was a little fog… Couldn’t even see the hill from the previous shot.  

The bullock came thundering past with the cows as they were herded to the yard for some spray and vaccinations for the calves.


I like this last shot as you get a sense of how peaceful it was in the evening.

PS: All with no editing

2016: Mix things up

Hello Everyone,

I thought that I’d mix things up in 2016 and post a little more frequently. Not a big ask given my 2 or 3 posts last year, but nevertheless something to aim for. 

This year I’ll try and post more from my phone which should increase the opportunities. 
Afternoon light

I love the deep blue that you get this time of the late afternoon. Throw in a wispy cloud or some of the last rays of light hitting the tree and you can find it quite calming.


Landing at Sydney Airport

It’s been a while since I posted, here’s a video of landing at Sydney Airport looking out over the city. I recorded it with the Hyperlapse app last year.

Usually on the trip from Brisbane we circle out over the ocean and land from the south, but this day there was a southerly blowing and we we brought straight in. Even better, we landed on the main runway so the flight path was over Balmain and Annandale resulting in an even better view of Sydney’s CBD. It’s a bit bumpy, but can you spot where you live?

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