Burleigh sunrise and sunset

It’s been a couple of weeks since our Burleigh holiday finished. Now everyone is back into school and work and the everyday takes over, threatening to push the holiday out of mind.^

Looking back through my photos, one thing that I noticed was a steady stream of sunrise and sunset photos. I’ve gathered a few here for you to enjoy.

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The sunrises were taken on the iPhone, usually as i stumbled out of bed at 4:30 to close the blinds… one year I’ll get up and head outside to capture them properly.


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This shot was taken on our first evening at Burleigh as we picnic’d on the headland.


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2016-01-10_Burleigh2016_0527_web by Array.

If only we could capture the noise of the Lorikeets in this photo as well!


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A nice beach walk before bed (the other two kids stayed back in the unit)


2016-01-10_Burleigh2016_0523_Web by Array.

A couple of times we saw one of the buildings in Surfers Paradise shining bright in the background – but I love the action on the beach with heaps of people walking and enjoying the beach.


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This is one of my favourites, sunset between the buildings




^ Though my wife has framed a picture from one our past holidays – now we can stand in the kitchen and see the view from the holiday unit window!