A Moment in Time

2014 01 14_Burleigh 2014_0464_Moments by Dave Ferguson.

Lorikeet Fly Past

Sometimes when you look back at holiday photos you find you captured a flash of action, a moment in time. Here are some that we caught during a trip to Burleigh Heads earlier in the year.

2014 01 13_Burleigh 2014_0537_Moments by David Ferguson.

Rock Pool Slide

We took a trip to Currumbin Creek Rock pools and while none of us could bring ourselves to jump off the high rock ledges we did try out the natural rock slide.

2014 01 20_Burleigh 2014_0093_Moments by Dave Ferguson.


There were many hours spent in the pool and just as many at the beach as well.

2014 01 19_Burleigh 2014_0219_Moments by Dave Ferguson.

Straddle and Shadows

2014 01 19_Burleigh 2014_0251_Moments by Dave Ferguson.

Straddle and Waves

Burleigh also has a great path alongside the beach with exercise equipment and parks that the kids love.

2014 01 15_Burleigh 2014_0442_Moments by Dave Ferguson.

The Swirl


Each year we take a photo on a big rock which sits up on the headland overlooking the Burleigh surfing spot and the long sweep of beach heading north. This shot, when looking back over the years, gives us sense of how the kids have grown, and sometime maybe what they’ll be like in the future…

2014 01 23_Burleigh 2014_0007_Moments by Dave Ferguson.

The Crazy One